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 Don (Sully) Sullivan has been in the automotive industry for over 45 years. 37 years as an auto parts customer service representative, and 8 years as the owner and operator of Central Automotive Service Centre Ltd in Surrey BC. During that time our focus was offering an extreme customer service experience. With 65% of vehicle owners dissatisfied with where they are getting their vehicle serviced, that left a very large segment of society that was ripe for a change. Our customer service experience evolved through innovative service offerings such as booking the next appointment, preventative maintenance tracking, digital vehicle inspections, and customer retention marketing. The net result of the customer service experience brought us on average, 10 new customers per week with an increase in our average repair order.  Out of 59 Google reviews we ranked a 4.0 average and Yelp at 4.5.    

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Innovative automotive shop management tools to enhance your current service offering for an even better overall customer service experience.

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Align your business model with your customers expectations, and increase productivity. 

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