Central Automotive Service Centre, auto repair shop in Surrey, BC
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Central Automotive Service Centre, auto repair shop in Surrey, BC
Central Automotive Service Centre, auto repair shop in Surrey, BC

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Customer Reviews & Stories

"We just moved into the area and were looking for a place that would specialize in fixing my daughters Mini Cooper. We found this place and were very impressed! They were extremely knowledgeable and checked out the whole car for us. We will recommend Central Automotive to anyone looking for a car repair shop! Glad to have found this place."


"Go here!!! This is the place you're looking for! I went to Central Automotive after reading the online reviews and I was so happy with the service I felt I had to add one of my own! Russ and the whole staff were friendly, knowledgable and honest and it was just a super positive experience! Thanks Central Automotive!"

-Google User

"Very thorough and professional service. They seem to value their customers and go out of their way to make the process clear and understandable. This is the way all businesses should be run. Trustworthy and honest."

-Google User

"Absolute fantastic service. Had my Dodge Ram 3500 out of province inspection done here and wow thorough, helpful and explained everything. Super staff. Absolutely every detail was thoroughly explained. The estimate of work was 100% right on. They even emailed an electronic report of the work with pictures etc for my records. I am so glad to see they even have a female apprentice working there, very nice to see. This shows the attitude of who is running the place as so many place not the case. I feel bittersweet recommending them. Why? if they get too busy then I will have to wait more to get in next time. Definitely will go back."

-Google User

"I've been going to Central Automotive for the past 3 years and the level of service has been nothing but the best. The entire team goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed, and they involve you in every step of the decision making process. I always feel I'm in goods hands when I bring my car in. Don and the entire team truly care for their customers, and will do their best to make sure your satisfied with the service. You're not just a customer but a person - I highly recommend Central Automotive. You won't be disappointed!!!"

-Google User

"Five stars for the oil change service. I dropped off my car, was told it would take 1.5 hours with inspection. Got my car back on time, car was vacuumed and I received a report of recommendations. I serviced my car regularly and knew what needed to be done and this place seemed to make proper recommendations."

-Yelp User

"Friendly, Ethical, honest, thorough and hardworking...the only place I have trusted with my car in at least three years. Amazing service! Thanks for always having me reassured that my car is in good shape!"

-Ann Robinson

"I have been a regular customer for two years now and have never felt so secure when having automotive work done. It's done right, on or before the promised time, and no price surprises. This is a first class operation, clean with great staff who take the time to tell you what's going on and show all old replaced parts. Don Sullivan and his crew restored my confidence in getting my car fixed properly. Thanks folks!"

-Ray Hudson

"Finding a trustworthy mechanic is not easy, but the guys at central automotive definitely know what they're doing. Don is honest and prioritizes maintenance services as needed. This place doesn't try to up sell "fancy" engine flushes" or "high quality wipers" just to make a profit. They tell you exactly what your vehicle needs in order to save you from costly repairs or breakdowns! After every service Don explains to you exactly what was done to your vehicle and even shows you the old parts that were removed. I've had my timing belt and water pumper replaced here a few months ago and there have been no problems. Just go in for an oil change and you'll be amazed with the brilliant service you receive!!!"

-Daniel Sean

"The folks at Central Automotive are such a great bunch of people. They are very knowledgeable and provide great service with extremely reasonable prices. For all you women out there that feel intimidated and fearful of being taken advantage of by shop owners, you can rest assured these people will not do you wrong. People of high integrity in their business dealings, their social involvement and community service. If anybody asks me, I always recommend they go see Don Sullivan and staff."

-Andrea Olsen

"I chose Central Automotive based on the positive reviews I had read online; so, I ought to write a review as well! They are true to the good reviews; very friendly, professional and helpful! I took my car in for a check up, had a diagnostics test done, received a phone call with intent to seek my permission to proceed with repairs, and picked up my car the same day! Central Automotive also did some extra work free of charge, which I appreciate much! Definitely recommended!"

-Google Review

"Wow! Super friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very welcoming. Thorough inspection and fair charges. Everything that was done was explained and written down, and they went above and beyond to explain the quality and condition of my car, explained the different fluids and what the colors mean and why my brakes were sounding funny... and what to expect down the road. They did exactly what was needed to have it running perfectly at a fraction of the cost of what I was expecting to leave with... The whole experience actually made me feel good walking out the door, rather than the usual "Did I just get swindled?" feeling you get sometimes when you're going to some other auto shops."

-Shawna Kovacs

"Don and his team are true professionals that genuinely care about their customers. The advice they provide on preventative maintenance shows how they value their relationship with each and every customer. We strongly recommend Central Automotive for all your Auto Repair needs."

-Google Review

"We just moved here from Saskatchewan and needed to find a good place to get an oil change. Not really knowing anyone to ask, I went to google and read over some of the reviews. When I read the reviews about Central Automotive Services Centre, I thought, wow, either these are all their friends trying to make them look good or, they really must be good to have these great reviews. Well, these folks are as good and better than the reviews. The moment you walk in and meet the owners, you already know you are in great hands. Kind, friendly, knowledgeable...good folk!!! All I needed was a simple oil change but I got so much more. They thoroughly checked the internet to see if there were any service or warranty issues I should be aware of, did an overall visual inspection of the vehicle. They did find a couple of small things that needed attention, wrote them down so I didn't forget and told me they should be covered under warranty. At no time did they make me feel under pressure to do or agree to anything. They were just straight forward, helpful and VERY fair in their price. To top it all off, they gave my truck an awesome hand wash before it left their shop. Talk about a great experience."

-Dale Nygaard

"Outstanding service, with great pricing, and an incredible staff. Went in with some issues regarding a wheel bearing, and some other repairs, and was blown away by the service at Central Automotive. Mr. Sullivan is running a great shop in Surrey. He went over what needed to be done on my car, showed me myself what was broken and what needed to be fixed. Took the time to explain future repairs i would need to have done, and what to look out for in the make and model of my vehicle. It's the first time I've ever walked out of a Mechanic's shop and thought "WOW!" rather than "I just got ripped off". Keep up the great work Mr Sullivan. I'll certainly be a regular customer going forward."

-Aaron Maharaj

"I have an appointment here tomorrow morning. After reading everything on-line, and learning about the quality of service and honesty people write about on-line. I am very excited to see if they live up to there reputation. They are also very involved in the community which I like. They were very friendly and knowledgeable while booking the appointment on the phone. If all goes well I will make this my regular shop."

-Reg Harris

"I have been a regular customer for two years now and have never felt so secure when having automotive work done. It's done right, on or before the promised time, and no price surprises. This is a first class operation, clean with great staff who take the time to tell you what's going on and show all old replaced parts. Don Sullivan and his crew restored my confidence in getting my car fixed properly. Thanks folks! "

-Google Review

"Just wanted to send you a note thanking you again for for your outstanding services your loyalty, commintment and the way you go above and beyond expectations of your customers. You are truly one of a kind and will have my bussines forever. The way you take the time to explain in detail about things you did and things that need to be done makes you truly the best in customer relations and service I have ever experienced ever. Keep up the great work my friend"

-Vince S.

"Central Automotive's holds the highest standard of honesty, integrity an quality autocare we have seen to date. We bring our vehicles into Central Automotive in Surrey from our home in the Chilliwack area and the extra time to do so is well worth the results Thank you Central."

- Trudy S.

"These guys are awesome. They're the type of mechanic everyone wants to have. They let you know the current health of your vehicle, what potential issues are coming up down the road, what services or repairs would be a good idea to do now (if any), and what things urgently need attention (if any). They don't sell you what you don't need, and if they do see the opportunity to upsell you, they let you know that the upsell is simply their recommendation and that you don't have to take it. The transparency, lack of pressure, and honesty is so helpful - especially when you're vehicle is getting a little older, you're not a mechanic, and you're trying to make your budget stretch. I have four family members who use Central Automotive and know a lot of other people who do too. They're good people to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone."

- Google Review

"The people at Central Automotive are friendly and informative. To someone who knows not a single thing about car, they are patient enough to explain the whole process to you. They respect the customer's decision to hold off on a procedure though it was much recommended. The chocolate they placed in the car after their service is just the icing on the cake. I definitely trust them with my car."

-Google Review

"I have already recommended your shop to a friend, and will be bringing both my son and daughters cars to you in the future. So nice to find an honest and thorough auto shop, with excellent service too."

- Colleen G.

"reat, family run, friendly shop! Scheduling the appointment was easy. Even when I had to reschedule it wasn't an issue. They quickly identified what was causing an annoying squeal whenever I made tight turns. It's SO nice not to hear that any more :0) They also identified a few other areas that weren't mission critical but should probably be dealt with in the near future. Really appreciated the two update phone calls. They also didn't perform any work without checking with me first. This shop is first class and they just added a returning customer to their business :0)"

- Google Review

"You guys do such a great job going above and beyond every time! Thanks for changing the signal bulbs!"

- Naomi

"We were so pleased with the quality and excellence of service we received at Central Automotive. We really appreciated the openness and support we were given as we shared our needs for our car with respect to our financial restrictions. Don was great to give us suggestions and ideas. Our experience has been excellent; great customer service from beginning to end, superior attention to detail and excellent work."

- Dave

"Hi I am Billy a customer with Central Automotive and would like to pass on the good service they provide to customers. I have had a very informative experience with Don who takes his time and care to inform you on your vehicle's status. Being informed earlier helped me to organise myself with my budget and transition.

"I would recommend Central Automotive to anyone who likes to be treated well and with care.

"Thanks Don."

- Billy

"Friendly staff. I know my car is in capable hands with an owner I can trust. Would highly recommend Central Automotive. Give them a call! Great service, knowledgeable and friendly""

- Lynn

"I was very satisfied with the service I received. You do things and provide services that I have not encountered before from the automotive industry. Thank you for your high quality of customer care."

- D.H.

"I can absolutely vouch for the high quality work Central Automotive does. My van, which I am extremely fussy about, got a complete going over by Central and it is running beautifully. Thanks Central!"

- T.S.

"Regarding winter tires: Thanks for the tip, it is the best thing I ever did. I know my wife and kids are safe in the vehicle, no matter what the road conditions are. I should have done this a long time ago."

- Terry