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Central Automotive Service Centre, auto repair shop in Surrey, BC
Central Automotive Service Centre, auto repair shop in Surrey, BC


2016 Car Giveaway   |   Uganda 2015   |   Vehicle Giveaway

Don Sullivan of Central Automotive presents gift of mobility

2016 Car Giveaway Winner


Don gives Thomas a rundown on the condition and work that hads been done on the car. Central also gave Thomas a 6 month Roadside Assistance coverage. 

Thomas is from Cameroon, Africa. A high school teacher with a Bachelors degree in English studies and a Masters in French studies. Moved to Quebec then came to Surrey. As he is waiting for his teachers certification to come through he is working as a High School EA in Surrey. He and his wife were expecting their second child in November but Little Moses couldn't wait and announced his arrival 3 months early. 
Mom had to have emergency surgery resulting in serious complications. She was hospitalized for another 3 weeks. 
At a birth weight of 1 lb 4 oz. Little Moses remains in the hospital till November.

Regular visits to the hospital are extremely challenging as they did not have a vehicle. Getting around by transit prooved to be extremely uncomfortable for mom, as she is recovering. 

For Thomas,  receiving this vehicle was a surprise! He did not know friends and co-workers had submitted his story. His wives response: “HALLELUAH!” Thomas said, “Getting this car, couldn’t have come at a better time!”

We want to thank Our Selection Committee for the very difficult task of having to choose just one from all the submissions …. It was not easy! 

We wish we had more cars to give away !!

On behalf of Central Automotive Service Centre Ltd. and the team of "Partners In Motion" thank you for accepting this gift of mobility. This could not happen with out the generous heart of our customer Betty Noble who donated the car. Thank you Betty, you have blessed many! 

Car Giveaway Sponsors



Partners In Motion: Uganda 2015

Central Automotive is on the MOVE again!

Don and Gail’s next upcoming adventure in “Partners In Motion” is a trip to Kampala, Uganda.



Crutches donations:  Ralph Terpstra of “Hope Haven Canada Ministries”. 


 Wheelchair donations:


 Tools to help keep the assembly of wheelchairs going:  Don and Gail Sullivan of Central Automotive




Shanda Millar, Leah Tuhkala, Don & Gail Sullivan, Dave Angie Adalyn & Taya MacKay, Randal Simpson, Jonathan Borch, Emily Montgomery, Ashton Pilkey, Kevin Thiessen


Don and Gail are part of a team leaving August 3rd, 2015 with 63 pairs of crutches in tow!   Hundreds of unassembled wheelchairs have been sent already and will be waiting for the team to assemble and distribute. The team will be partnering with Francis & Adrienne Mugwanya founders of “Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry”  http://www.fathersheartmobility.org.

The main focus will be assembling and distributing wheelchairs and crutches to the very needy in this area.  Recipients of a wheelchair will no longer have to crawl in the dust to get around.  They will be mobile for the first time in their lives!

We invite you to view this short from “Fathers Heart Mobility Ministry”.


If helping people get out of the dirt and into a wheelchair stirs your heart, like it does ours, we encourage you to join us in this effort to help by sending in a donation.  All proceeds will go directly to “Fathers Heart Mobility Ministry”.  Donations of $20.00 or more are tax receiptable through Bible Fellowship Foursquare Church.

Just go to http://www.biblefellowship.ca click on ‘Giving’, click on “Quick Give” fill in your information.

Identify your donation in subject line as: UGANDA 2015


Can you imagine the smile YOU will put on someones face……not to mention bring a whole new life for them!!!!  Be a part of a new life!


We appreciate your interest in mobilizing the disabled people of Uganda.



Partners In Motion: Vehicle Giveaway

Do you know someone in your community who deserves a working car?

We at Central Automotive are excited to announce our first "Partners in Motion" gift of mobility. The "Partners in Motion" initiative will award a worthy and deserving person from our community, with a car that has been fully serviced and in good working condition. The selection will be made from recommendations and nominations from people in the community.

To nominate a deserving recipient please send us a letter either by mail or through our contact form . If you use our contact form please write "Partners in Motion" in the subject line.

We would also like to acknowledge our "Partners In Motion" who have joined us in this project:

Michelle & Milan Trisevic who so graciously donated the vehicle.

Napa Surrey for their partnership towards the cost of parts.

The Staff at Central Automotive who have donated their personal time and expertise to support this project.

Please partner with us to help us find someone in our community who deserves a working car.
A board will be reviewing submissions and will make the final decision.

We are so looking forward to your submissions

Don & Gail Sullivan
& the staff at Central Automotive